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ENERGON LABS PVT. LTD. undertakes the testing / analysis of Sample(s), subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. adopts any National / International test procedure for conducting the tests if the client does not indicate any suitable method or provide any method. If national/international test procedure is not available Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. may adopt its in-house method after taking consent from the customer. Validation or method verification data for such methods will be provided to the client, if requested, at an extra cost.
  2. If the sample is declared as for Non-GMP purpose, the test reports for such samples may not be used for GMP purpose or submission, as such reports may not satisfy certain cGMP or regulatory requirements.
  3. OOS investigation will not be conducted on samples declared as R & D and Non-GMP purpose unless client seeks.
  4. Samples for which test report is not issued on form 39 will be destroyed after 30 days from the date of issue of test report, unless otherwise agreed between Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd and the client. Samples issued on form 39 will be stored as per Schedule L-1 of the Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act. Perishable samples shall be destroyed immediately after the analysis.
  5. Samples are not drawn by Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. unless and other wise mentioned. The results are applicable only to the submitted sample. Endorsement of the product is neither inferred nor implied.
  6. The laboratory normally will not offer any opinion / advise or recommendation with respect to the suitability or otherwise of the sample for any application or use. Sample or test conformance to a specification or Act will be mentioned as required by the specification / Act.
  7. The test report in full or part shall not be used for promotional or publicity purpose without the written consent of Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  8. Samples drawn under special circumstance, like insurance coverage, medico-legal cases or forensic purpose shall be declared by the customer at the time of submission. Otherwise Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to offer any form of co-operation or respond to any queries related to such samples and/or tests and/or test reports issued on such samples.
  9. If any information provided in the test requisition form is found incorrect Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to offer any form of co-operation or respond to any queries related to such samples and/or tests, and/or test reports issued on such samples.    
  10. Under no circumstances, Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. accepts any liability for loss or damage caused by use or misuse of the Test Report. Liability is limited to the testing fee charged only, in case of proven negligence by Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  11. The due date indicated to client for availability of Test Report is tentative. Circumstances beyond the control of the laboratory, such as natural calamities, strikes, non-availability of critical supplies and breakdown of equipments may cause delay. However, Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. will make all efforts to keep the customer informed and reduce inconvenience.
  12. All the correspondence related to the samples submitted will be sent to the communication details provided by the client on test request form or in service agreement.
  13. Complaints or queries on the test report are to be addressed to The Client Support Manager, Energon Labs Pvt. Ltd. either through post/courier or through telephone No. +91 40-40172171 or email:
  14. For general enquiry on sample or invoice status, please contact or our business development executive on +91 9885165841 / 9100051068
  15. The test report and this analysis requisition form are subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.